Yurodny Ensemble




Music, as a storm or river sea-bound, 

inhabits a world without borders. 

This album is dedicated to all those who pray for rain.


Haivka (Spring Song) is a contemporary interpretation of traditional Ukrainian music. The project features four leading Ukrainian guest artists and a major new commission from composer Alla Zagaykevych – Sounds of Signs, which was inspired by the ancient Irish Ogham alphabet and the traditional folk singing culture of the northern Polissia region of Ukraine.

Recorded in the Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC), Haivka is the latest development of the Yurodny SciLens Project – incorporating the design and build of new analog and virtual sensor interfaces that map physical gestures in real time and creating new possibilities for responsive live electroacoustic environments.


Iryna Klymenko - voice 

Susanna Karpenko - voice 

Olesya Zdorovetska - voice 

Alla Zagaykevych - electronics 


Dan Trueman - electronics 

Emma O’Halloran - electronics 

David Collier - electronics 

Rachel Ní Chuinn - electronics 

Alex Dowling - electronics


Oleg Ponomarev - violin 

Adrian Hart - violin, electronics 

Cora Venus Lunny - violin, viola 

Kate Ellis - cello 

Nick Roth - soprano, alto and tenor saxophones, electronics 

Colm O’Hara - trombone 

Francesco Turrisi - piano, accordion, keyboards, percussion 

Dave Redmond - double bass 

Phil Macmullan - drums