Yurodny Ensemble



The Yurodny-Myriada Project was a collaborative exchange between the Dublin-based Yurodny and the Cretan-based Myriada Ensembles. Led by Paul Goodman, the Myriada Ensemble featured leading vocalist Maria Koti (Hainides), neyzen Nikos Paralouakis (Alkinoos Ioannidis,  Socrates Malamas). 

The project focused on a sharing of repertoire and included public-facing workshops on Maqam, Improvisation and Cultural Practices held in the Goethe Institute, as well a national tour of Ireland. The work was documented in an 8-part documentary, produced by Army of Id.

The Irish Times wrote of the Meeting House Square concert that "the music emerged triumphant, vibrant and irresistable." 


Maria Koti - Voice 
Paul Goodman - Lyra 
Nikos Paralouakis - Ney 
Alexandros Papadimitrakis - Oud 
Alexis Nonis - Percussion

Oleg Ponomarev - Violin 
Adrian Hart - Violin 
Kate Ellis - Cello 
Nick Roth - Soprano and Alto Saxophones 
Colm O'Hara - Trombone 
Francesco Turrisi - Accordion, Keyboards, Percussion
Dave Redmond - Double Bass 
Phil Macmullan - Drums