Yurodny Ensemble

Vartn af Godot


Commissioned by the Happy Days Enniskillen International Beckett Festival 2014, 'Vartn af Godot' was created for the Yurodny Ensemble's interpolation with the New Yiddish Rep production of Samuel Beckett's most famous play.

Waiting for Godot remains the quintessential expression of the hinterland through which those left standing walk without ever arriving, tread and pace without cause or effect, and dance without music. Our interpolation with the play begins before the beginning, stands astride the two acts, and ends after the end: music is all that is left after "they do not move."


Oleg Ponomarev - violin 
Adrian Hart - violin
Cora Venus Lunny - violin, viola 
Kate Ellis - cello 
Nick Roth - saxophones
Colm O’Hara - trombone 
Francesco Turrisi - keyboards, percussion 
Dave Redmond - double bass 
Phil Macmullan - drums